About the Nature Trust

We are an Irish
not-for-profit with
a vision for the future
in which nature thrives.

We believe that making a difference starts right here on our own home soil. That’s why The Nature Trust is committed to planting new, native woodlands and revitalising natural wild habitats on a large scale across Ireland. We manage these lands on a non-commercial basis for the benefit of ecosystems, the climate, local communities and wider society, now and for generations to come.

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Creating new native Irish woodlands and restoring natural habitats.

The Nature Trust is making a positive long-term impact for biodiversity and climate while providing valuable public amenities. We work with leading professionals in the areas of forestry and ecology to ensure that we use best-in-class approaches for the success of each of our projects.

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Nature has always been there for us, and now it needs our help.

It is vital for all parts of society to get involved as we face the local challenges posed by the global loss of biodiversity and climate change. There is now an urgent need for action on a scale never seen before to create space for nature in a way that benefits us all. A not-for-profit set up in 2021, The Nature Trust combines public and private finance in order to deliver widespread environmental benefits across Ireland.

We align with partners who aspire to have a positive impact on sustainability to implement innovative nature-based solutions that truly support biodiversity, climate and people.

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From one community to another

Creating flourishing native woodland communities that help build healthy local communities around Ireland.

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Mighty oaks from little acorn grow

Planting in open spaces where you can observe the rewilding of plants and animals as the trees grow and mature.

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Benefiting us all, naturally

Helping the climate with revitalised woodland ecosystems that oxygenate the air we breathe and benefit our bodies.

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Boots on the

Lovingly placing millions of new trees into the soil all around Ireland with the support of our wise and passionate partners and supporters.

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At one with

Indulging our woodland senses with the fresh smell of the earth, beauty of a bud, soft touch of a leaf and melodious birdsong.

Our Work

We create nurturing environments for nature to endure and thrive for future generations

Whether it’s planting new native woodlands, restoring valuable peatlands or enhancing important biodiversity sites, we create a nurturing space for nature where it can endure for generations to come.

A healthy natural environment provides many rewards for our society. These include naturally storing and purifying water, filtering the air, absorbing and storing carbon, and producing oxygen. A balanced, thriving natural environment also greatly supports and enhances our physical and mental wellbeing in a multitude of ways.

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time to grow

The story of a new native woodland


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