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At The Nature Trust we have a deep love and respect for the natural world and we are passionate about our native woodlands.

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We are inspired to create and restore natural spaces that can be valued and enjoyed for many generations to come.

We collaborate with a network of individuals and organisations to create tangible positive outcomes for nature and people.

The Nature Trust is an Irish not-for-profit founded in 2021 and backed by Coillte and Forestry Partners. Forestry Partners was founded by John Beckett in 2019 to empower the business community to take action on climate and biodiversity.

Management at The Nature Trust is provided by the Coillte Nature Team, and Coillte also offers operational services on a not-for-profit basis. The Nature Trust works closely with private forestry companies, tree nurseries and ecologists right across the country.

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John Beckett, Co-founder and
Chairperson of The Nature Trust

forestry partners
forestry partners


Board of Directors

Our dedicated and experienced Board of Directors holds
the vision and oversees the development of The Nature Trust
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    John Beckett

    John Beckett is a technology and climate entrepreneur, and co-founder of The Nature Trust. John supports climate innovation and policy development initiatives, including the 2050 Accelerator and CarbonGap.org. John founded not-for-profit Forestry Partners in 2019 to provide nature-based sustainability solutions to corporate partners.

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    Paulina Pawlukojc

    Paulina Pawlukojc is Group Sustainability Manager at Coillte, responsible for the development and implementation of the group sustainability strategy. Paulina holds a Masters in Forestry and Forestry Engineering, with a particular focus on the non-wood functions of forestry.

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    John Barcroft

    John Barcroft founded The Environmental Edge in 2019, providing clients with sustainable business advisory and consultancy services. John earned a Masters in Environmental Management at Yale University and was previously Head of Group Sustainability at DCC plc where he worked for 20 years.

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    Mark Carlin

    Mark Carlin is Managing Director of Coillte Forest and is responsible for the performance of the Group’s forestry businesses, which looks to deliver the multiple benefits of forests for Climate, Nature, Wood and People. Mark is a forester with over 25 years’ experience in Coillte in a number of leadership roles.

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    Brian Caulfield

    Brian Caulfield is a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He is a partner at Draper Esprit, the leading European VC firm. Previously Brian co-founded Exceptis and Similarity Systems, which were acquired by NASDAQ listed companies.

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    David Feeney

    David Feeney is Managing Director of Land Solutions and Chief Sustainability Officer at Coillte. David is a chartered accountant and has worked in Coillte for over 20 years in a range of leadership roles including finance, sales, supply chain and forest resource planning.

Our Mission

Our mission is to plant new open-access woodlands and restore natural habitats at scale across Ireland.

Our Vision

We share a vision for Ireland’s future where nature thrives and all our communities reap the benefits.


The Team Behind
The Nature Trust

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    Ciarán leads The Nature Trust and reports to the Board of Directors.

    Dr Ciarán Fallon

    Managing Director

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    Karen leads operations on the ground and manages the work of our specialist contractors.

    Karen Woods


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    Declan leads on site selection and ensures the ecological integrity of our work.

    Dr Declan Little


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    Dermot leads on our peatland restoration programme in the West of Ireland.

    Dr Dermot Tiernan


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    Lorraine provides oversight of our finances and financial systems.

    Lorraine Rockett


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    Lyn is responsible for financial accounting and reporting.

    Lyn Sheeran

    Reporting & Finance

what we stand for

Our Values at
The Nature Trust

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To realise our ambition, we innovate and implement transformational solutions that inspire and enable strategic action.

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We embrace evidence, transparency and accountability with integrity. We believe there is always more to learn, building on our expertise with each new opportunity.

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At the heart of our work are the communities of place, practice, interest and action that we are proud to be a part of. Our collaborative alliances enable us to grow together.

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We’re here to stay. We’re committed to ensuring that the social, cultural and ecological value we create endures for the benefit of all for generations to come.

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