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Identifying Native Irish Nuts and Seeds this Autumn

September 5, 2023

Download: Seed ID Sheet

The summer has flown by and there’s no denying that Autumn is truly upon us now. The blackberries are out on the bushes and the hawthorn and rowan trees are sporting their red berries. This Autumn, we’ll be focusing our attention to how our beautiful native trees produce seeds and nuts in many shapes and forms. These seeds and nuts not only provide an important food source for wildlife like squirrels, badgers, mice and many bird species, but of course they also create a new generation of native trees.

At The Nature Trust, all the native trees and shrubs that we plant to create new native woodlands come from seed collected in Irish woodlands and are registered by a qualified seed collector. These are then germinated and grown in Irish tree nurseries until they are ready to plant out after two or three years. These native tree and shrub species include oak, hazel, rowan, alder, Scots pine, blackthorn, hawthorn and birch.

Over the coming months, we would like you to join us in keeping an eye out for these nuts and seeds, and maybe even gathering and planting some yourself! To help you along we have an easy-to-use downloadable Seed ID sheet with some of the most common native tree seeds that you will find in the Irish landscape. We’ll be following up with a simple guide for you to plant your own acorns which should in time grow into a mighty oak.

We will also be hosting Acorn Gathering events in select woodlands around the country in collaboration with Native Events and staff at the Coillte tree nursery in Ballintemple, Co. Carlow. These acorns that we collect together with groups from schools, local communities and partners of The Nature Trust will be germinated and cared for by the tree nursery until they are ready to be planted out to create new native woodlands around Ireland.

Keep an eye on The Nature Trust website and social media to find out how you can get involved as we continue our journey in creating new native woodlands in communities across Ireland. And more importantly, keep an eye on nature this season as the greens turn to a beautiful mix of autumn colours!

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